Winter conditions on I-90 & I-94 - Survey


Trucking In Winter Ain’t Easy

You’ve all tackled I-90 and I-94 when winter hits full swing. Snow piling up, ice slick as anything, and winds that’ll make you think twice about stepping out of the cab. Last year was one for the books – with roads more like ice rinks and closures that lasted longer than anyone wanted.

Now, the transportation lifeline of these states seeks your stories. The North/West Passage initiative, born from the collective effort of seven states and the Federal Highway Administration, is reaching out to all truckers to share their experiences via a survey that could reshape the future of winter trucking.

Why Your Experience Matters:

  • Weather Information Access: When the sky turns against you, timely weather info is your shield. How can it be better delivered to you?
  • Road Closures: They can reroute your entire week. Share your thoughts on how to improve communication and management.
  • Truck Parking Dilemmas: Stranded with no place to park? This is a pressing issue that your feedback can address.

Alternate Routes & Highway Maintenance: When the main road closes, are the alternatives any better? How can they be improved for those cold, tiresome nights?

Give your opinion here: SURVEY

Last Winter’s Chaos – Recap

David Huft, the ITS Program Manager for South Dakota’s Department of Transportation, put it bluntly: “Last winter was tough.” With numerous interstate closures, some lasting days, and truckers redirected onto even more perilous paths, the urgency for change is clear.

Innovations in Forecasting and Maintenance:

Ahead of the storms, these states are not just idly waiting for next winter to come. Sophisticated weather services and computer simulations of road conditions are in play, aiming to anticipate the whims of winter. Snow Plows are no longer just plows but mobile weather stations, providing real-time data to a system that calculates the effectiveness of maintenance actions. It’s a glimpse into the future of winter trucking, where technology meets tenacity.

Your Voice is Their Compass

As Huft notes, the stakes are high, as well as the investment when seeking for perfect winter road maintenance. Your experience driving these highways can guide these efforts. Are pre-announced closures helpful? Can snow and ice be battled more effectively? This is your chance to influence the operations that keep your wheels turning and your cargo moving, no matter what winter throws your way.

The Bottom Line

Winter will return, as it always does. But with your input, the journey through I-90 and I-94 could become safer, clearer, and more predictable. What you say in this survey could mean the difference between another season of the same old problems or a smoother ride through the storm. Lay it out for them, fill out that survey, and let’s push for roads that don’t fight us every mile.

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